Common Bodybuilding Training Tips

There are quite many bodybuilding myths apart from the common “no pain no gain” which has become a cliché among many bodybuilders. This is expected of most sport and it is hard to find a sport which has no myths of its own. There are some common myths in bodybuilding which will be highlighted below;

1. Going to the gym is the best way to stay fit as opposed to home workouts

This is myth which is usually spread by gym owners who want people to sign up to there gym. The problem about going to the gym is that you can not be very consistent when compared to if you were training at home. For you transform your body fast you need to maintain consistency in your training. The efficiency of the training program you use will depend on whether you are efficient.

2. Overweight people have nothing to gain from bodybuilding.

This is not true in fact people with such type of body structure are the ones who are supposed to take up bodybuilding because it will help them lose weight. Body building leads to the increase in lean body muscles. In fact if you want to lose weight permanently you need to take up bodybuilding. When you lift weights you increase the amount of lean body muscles. This has the effect of increasing your lean metabolism and therefore you end up burning a lot of calories. Bodybuilding leads to an increase in RMR (resting metabolic rate) and therefore you will burn calories even when you are not training.

3. Aerobic exercises are not healthy since they promote catabolic processes

This is not true, aerobic exercises only lead to catabolism if they Buy Sarms Australia are done for a long period of more than thirty minutes. Therefore for your aerobic session to be productive it should be minimized to loess than thirty minutes. Aerobic exercises are healthy since they lead to; improves high density blood cholesterol, improves handling of excess heat, increases a persons hemoglobin, improves your resistance to cold, it gives you an emotional lift, it decreases your blood pressure, it also decreases your insulin requirements, it increases glycogen storage, it decreases the conversion of sugar to fat, it increases stroke volume of the heart, it decreases resting heart rate, it reduces chances of becoming senile since there is an increase of oxygen delivery to the brain, it increases oxygen pick up in the lungs, it also increases fat burning enzymes, it also help you control your hunger, it leads to a decrease in body fat, it decreases stress, increases your level of endurance or aerobic threshold , it leads to the burning of more calories, and it reduces the incidence of hypoglycemia

4. If you want lose weight avoid strength training

There is a common misconception among bodybuilders that strength training will not make them lose weight but on the contrary it will make them gain weight. This is however not true since strength training helps reduce body fat and increase muscle percentage.