How Much Weight Should I Allow a Youth Football Player To Lose?

How do you determine the aggregate sum of pounds you will allow a pee wee football player to drop for the new year? The most excellent way to compete with the greatest football teams that you have scheduled, then you must receive the oldest, quickest and smartest kids from the class age group you are getting ready to coach. Experience shows that the squads with the oldest, fastest and most experienced players will have an immense advantage over the other teams that are average. These are the reasons why it is so smart to snatch as many of these kids on your roster as possible.

Currently, there is a right fashion and a wrong fashion to attain this goal. I refuse to make a general argument such as “use your common sense”, since over my many years I have witnessed complete jerks think they can “diet and exercise” twenty pounds out of a youngster in a calendar UFABET เล่นผ่านบราวเซอร์ได้ทุกแพลตฟอร์ม month. Banned for life is the only action that justifies any coach with this belief. Every single coach should have the best interests, and well being, of the children as their topmost priority.

I refuse to let any youngster attempt to lose more than 10 pounds or 10 percent of their total body weight. I believe only children that weigh over one hundred pounds can even be considered as a candidate to shed the 10 pounds. I do not care if the youngster weighs 200 pounds, ten is the maximum amount I will consider. The next factor, and this one is big, is the actual interest for the kid. If by dropping four or five pounds this will let him to play with his own grade level, or be a ball carrier? These are two outstanding reasons for a child to try and eliminate a few pounds.

The next important issue is the mature level of the player and the parents. If the player, mom and dad do not want to lose any weight do not argue with them. Many parents will not let their kid to lose any weight, period. Please respect their opinions and wish the player well as he goes up to the next weight class.

In concluding, try to retain as many of the older fast players, with experience, on your roster, but only by using reasonable methods show in this posting.