Removing Fence Posts Mounted in Cement Footings – DIY Fence Repair

The most ideal method for eliminating a fence post introduced in a strong substantial base if the wood post is severed at ground level without burrowing or utilizing costly hardware. There are a lot of arrangements on the web that are good when the fence post is solid and tough: utilize a switch to raise the fence post, exhume a channel along the edge of the fence post and push the post out, raise the post utilizing a guard jack or high lift horticulture jack, or acquire weighty hardware – however every one of these strategies truly doesn’t handle the normal issue going up against a mortgage holder after wind harm – the wood post is snapped off.

Very frequently the fence post is fragmented so there isn’t anything accessible over the ground that is strong, the base is of obscure aspect and profundity, and the fence to be fixed is in an area near structures that hamper openness of an excavator (not in any event, representing the rental cost or the mischief they might cause to yards). If a couple of fence posts are harmed on a fence, the new presents truly need on be set in exactly the same position – cleaving the severed posts lower than grass level and introducing the substitution wood posts using an off-set is essentially not an answer.

Applying a blend of approaches is the best methodology – first cut down the hold the ground has on the post by utilizing the Wood Post Puller (a straightforward designing answer for the problem) and afterward execute the best lifting strategy available. Utilizing a savage power methodology of lifting concrete is clearly a helpless thought; concrete is incredibly solid when packed, however immensely delicate when pulled – indeed, the elasticity of cement is just around 10% of its compressive strength. Hauling the concrete out of the ground is probably going to cause risky flying lumps as the substantial cracks under the pressure.

Fence Post and Concrete Base Removal

Stage 1: Remove anything secured to the wood post and clear the region close by the post and concrete balance.

Stage 2: With the water hose appended and water streaming, push the spike instrument completely in the ground at the edge of the concrete base.

TIP – Attempt to squirm the post after the underlying Buckeye addition – any kind of shift of the concrete base in the ground (even a vibration) will permit the water to drive its direction close by the outer layer of the substantial balance and foster a meager layer of mud. In the event that the fence present is broken take a stab at jam a pry bar into the current wood post and afterward push the bar advances and in reverse, or hit the concrete balance unequivocally side to favor a heavy hammer. Presently take a stab at lifting the fence post and concrete balance utilizing the guidelines in Step 4 – regularly the wood post will come directly out!

Stage 3: Repeat stage 2 at uniform areas around the balance – normal fence posts will call for under 4-6 additions of the spike instrument, yet obstinate posts can require the spike apparatus to be embedded each 2-3 crawls until you have enclosed the total concrete balance. In case you can’t take out the fence post and concrete base in Step 4, repeat Step 3 at significantly more areas around the post.

Stage 4: [Different lifting strategies could be selected] Securely constrain a pry bar into the concrete base at around a 45 degree point from the dirt. Copy the course of action on the contrary side of the concrete balance. The nearer the turn is situated to the balance the more influence will be used. Two 5-6 foot pry bars are astounding however a huge number of different things could likewise be applied. Totally embed the spike into the ground directly close to the concrete balance. With the water turned on totally to the spike, apply even descending power to both pry bars [requires 2 people], lifting the substantial base and post. Try not to hustle along this progression – license time for the water to begin building pressure driven power on the base side of the concrete balance and help out on the lift. The water should be on during this activity or raising the substantial balance will begin constructing a sucking power pulling the fence post down.

TIP – If the bars are sinking into the dirt, support them with scrap bits of 4×4, or old fence posts.

TIP – Begin the pry bar position at 45 degrees or less – in case they are too upward the bars will be squeezing contrary to each other and not lifting the concrete balance out of the ground.