What to Expect With Casement Windows

This article is designed to give you information about casement windows, more specifically when you are looking to install them in your home and what sort of benefits are linked with them, what to expect and maintenance issues.

When it comes to purchasing windows, there are many different options available. It all depends on your personal preferences but you could choose anything from beautiful bay windows to even casement windows. The two that are the most popular and will be most likely to catch your eye are the sliding sash window and casement windows. Both of these windows come with the benefit of being simple to install and use and also come in a wide variety of styles. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but will also let a great deal of light into your home. But is one model superior to the other? What are the advantages and disadvantages? It all comes down to the big decision. The answer can vary greatly depending on what your needs are.

Both windows share the advantage of being very simple to use. Openin Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet g both types of windows is fairly simple. open outwards like a door, allowing in a good amount of air. You can even set them up so they will open from the side, top or bottom, whichever suits you best. Alternatively, sash windows open by sliding up or down against another window pane. If you come across sash windows where both sections are glass are movable, they will be double hung sash windows. This means you are able to release warm air and let in cool air at the same time.

An important factor to consider when buying windows is the maintenance. Casements tend to be low maintenance and usually hold up pretty well in their frames. The only thing that needs to be watched are the hinges on the casement which can rust easily and need to be replaced. Due to the fact the frames for sash windows are made from wood, they do have a tendency to rot. The weather may also make the window frames shrink which will allow the windows to rattle noisily. This could also let in cold air. Part of owning a sash window is to routinely check for warping of the wood.

However, with regards to lighting both windows are equal contenders. Casement windows are usually made up of lots of small panes of glass in frames whereas the casement windows are typically one large pane of glass. As with all windows, lighting can vary greatly depending on the placement and size of the windows.