Why Are Zhu Zhu Hamsters So Popular?hamster price

Zhu Zhu pets are not a new item to the toy scene this year, but they were formerly known as Go Go Pets. So far the pet that is taking the toy sales top levels this year is the Zhu Zhu Hamster. I think I would rather own one of these than a real hamster any day. I am a huge kid at heart, and grew up missing out on a lot of the cool toys since the world outside and the beach was my toy department for the most part. It seems that now I am fascinated by the great toys there are out there. Zhu Zhu pets are very interactive and just too cute.

Did you own a hamster price or guinea pig as a child? My friend was raising hamsters and gave me one and the cage and all I needed to get started as the proud owner of one. I remember that I could not let my cat any where near it for fear that it would be a toy then a snack for her. She was a hunter. This problem is solved with Zhu Zhu pets and they do not run away or get lost (if you watch where they go, but then they make noises), or get eaten (once again you have to watch out for that).

There are lots of positives to owning a Zhu Zhu pet and I mentioned them on a hub page that I featured them on where I also showed some of the more informative videos that you can find on You Tube about them. One of the things I like is that the toys can move on their own with the battery installed. It runs on Triple A batteries. You have to remember that the batteries do need to be replaced often, so I recommend getting a battery charger and using rechargeable batteries so the pets can be used more often.

Little children love these hamsters, and so do adults because they are fun. Small children who like to put things in their mouth should be watched when the pets are out to prevent the danger of them with the battery cover and the batteries. That is a concern for smaller children and the other concern is the wheels on the hamster will get tangled in hair, so the toy should not be held around the hair. We all love to get on the floor and watch these toys so just be aware of the toy and your hair if you have longer hair that might get tangled.